Global Innovation Institute (GII)

Global Innovation Institute (GII) will be a nexus for co-innovation between researchers and industry in data security, connectivity and analytics. It will be a place where local and global companies, entrepreneurs and researchers will come together in a multi-disciplinary innovation environment. As we are faced with the data deluge in our increasingly connected world, the secure, connected intelligence capabilities of the GII will become ever more critical.

GII is a cross-disciplinary project led by Queen’s University, building on the world-class Institute of Electronics, Communications & Information Technology (ECIT) that has already put Belfast on the map in terms of digital innovation.

As well as ECIT’s expertise in secure, connected intelligence, GII will draw on Queen’s University’s Institute for Health Sciences (IHS) and Institute for Global Food Security (IGFS). Combining these leading-edge skillsets will enable GII to take a “One Health” perspective, connecting intelligence on environments, livestock, human health and whole populations to show how interventions in one domain can lead to benefits in another.

GII will anchor and support the creation of an Innovation District in Belfast, comprising a community of businesses linked by a common digital innovation thread. High performance computing capability, spanning edge to cloud, will catalyse and accelerate an innovation agenda based on research strengths in priority growth sectors for the region.

The project will be distinguished by its focus on providing customised, domain-specific solutions to innovation barriers in the selected sectors, co-designed with business. It will benefit from the unique combination of expertise contributed by ECIT, which enables a holistic approach to digital innovation, encompassing hardware, software, networks, data processing and AI services. The insights generated will have the potential to transform how business is done in Northern Ireland, and the experiences of us all as consumers and users of public services.

GII’s capabilities will underpin and support other Belfast Region City Deal projects which are data hosts or data generators, enabling the region for the challenges and opportunities of the fourth Industrial Revolution.

Ulster University
Project Organiser

Queen’s University Belfast

Dr Godfrey Gaston

Position: Director of Operations at the Institute of Electronics, Communications, and Information Technology (ECIT)

T: +44 (028) 9097 1839

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