Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre (AMIC)

AMIC is aimed at securing Northern Ireland’s manufacturing future and will be a springboard for manufacturing innovation in Northern Ireland.

It will consist of networked facilities, through the connection and improvement of existing infrastructure, and the development of a new state of the art Factory 4.0. AMIC’s facilities will be industry-driven and easily accessible for all types of businesses in the manufacturing sector across Northern Ireland and beyond.

The project will provide industry with access to the very latest manufacturing technology and Industry 4.0 smart automation, supported by experienced, professional engineers who will solve real world industrial challenges and enable our companies to access global markets. This will create a unique collaborative environment where companies can develop prototypes and experiment with new manufacturing processes, materials and smart technologies.

Companies will be given the opportunity to de-risk and trial the latest manufacturing technologies before committing to the costs required for large scale production in their own factories.

By working with Further Education Colleges and Universities, AMIC will develop an integrated skills pipeline with the aim of creating higher skilled and better paid jobs in industry and the technology sectors for those in all levels of education. By supporting the development of future-focused skills, AMIC will increase capability in advanced manufacturing as it applies across industry sectors.

AMIC will be a genuine innovation asset for Northern Ireland and the UK, providing the catalyst for a network of hubs supporting advanced manufacturing. The project will open up access to existing innovation networks in the UK and Ireland, including the High Value Manufacturing Catapults and other Catapult centres in the UK, and Innovation and Research centres in the Republic of Ireland. Ultimately, AMIC aims to create a collaborative environment for the benefit of manufacturing industry across the region and beyond.

Ulster University
Ulster University
Project Organiser

Queen’s University Belfast, Ulster University

Professor Paul Maropoulos

Position: Professor of Advanced Manufacturing

T: +44 (028) 9097 4730

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